Tyson Zahner
Wondering how to get more sales on autopilot? Today Tyson Zahner is teaching his S3 strategy for to make your business work even if you are new to attraction marketing.

When this is done like Tyson Zahner is teaching, you’ll not only generate leads, but you’ll also make money off the 90% who say “NO” to your business opportunity!

You want to make sure to share this with your team as this will help them to build their business correctly from the start.

Who is Tyson Zahner

Tyson Zahner struggled in 3 different home business opportunities over a period of 18 years before he finally started having success. Today he is an attraction marketing and automation specialist. He is recognized for creating one of the fastest online success stories with his amazing ability to build instant good will and loyalty with cold prospects. He has a unique ability to teach you how to build automated systems that create leverage and freedom for you in your business.

Tyson Zahner was interviewed by My Lead System Pro co-founder Norbert Orlewitcz and was asked: how would you define attraction marketing if somebody asks you?

In the video below Tyson Zahner explains the power of attraction marketing and how to use it to build your business fast.

Tyson Zahner

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Tyson’s S3 Strategy

When listening into this video it made a lot of sense what Tyson is teaching about his S3 strategy –  what stands for Study, Share, Suggest.

STUDY: As a network or affiliate marketer you want to study the product or even use it before you promote it. That way you will develop the skills on the product as well as how to talk about this product. And while doing this you want to make sure to take notes while developing yourself to become an expert before connecting with people about it.

Find something that you’re curious about, that you want to learn and then develop the skills you need for to promote it with success, and if it’s marketing great! And maybe you want to become a guru inside of weight loss. Go out and find some weight loss product. Start reading the weight loss magazine and become comfortable talking about the product you want to promote.

SHARE: Then you can share 1 or 2 things that you’ve learned. What you could do is  create a video, and if your not comfortable on videos, do a blog post or it could be just a post on Facebook. Saying something like “Hi guys, if you’re struggling with generating leads in your business? I have been going through a system or marketing tool that a friend showed me. It taught me some really great things that have helped me out.”

Or, “have you been wanting to loose weight? OMG! I’m so proud of Linda. She was struggling with shedding unwanted pounds after the birth of her beautiful baby girl Maria. She tried everything for 10 months and the weight wasn’t budging. Then she stumbled across a simple to follow action plan and BOOM… She released 30 pounds in 90 days.”

SUGGEST: After talking to people or promoting your product you want to close with a call to action.

You can say something like: “If you got value from this, you might also enjoy how this is done. Of cause there is a lot more that I could share about this than I can possibly do, so I prefer it gets delivered to you correct, here is the link,”

This is a sample call to action that Tyson teaches his students to use at the end of their content. “Hey, if you got value from this, you might also want to check out this product. Obviously there’s way more in it than I could possibly share with you right now, here’s the link,”

The key for to get peoples attention and to make yourself attractive is to be very non-needy. That way people feel that you want to help them instead of pitching them with your product. Remember “people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.”

Final thoughts on Tyson Zahner

I think Tyson’s building of automated marketing systems create leverage and freedom. And best of all you don’t need to chase people around but instead focus on profit-producing activities.

Was this post helpful? What was the most important takeaway you learned from Norbert’s interview with Tyson? I would appreciate your comments.

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Tyson Zahner

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