Straight Outta FB Live

Straight Outta FB Live is happening right now and it shows how to go live from your smart phone, desktop or laptop. I’m writing this post to let you know that your competition is training and getting ahead with their business using Facebook Live.

But no worries! That’s all fine and dandy because if you’ve ever thought about going live on Facebook, or if you want a bigger more engaged audience on FB and want to learn more how to market and brand yourself, you have come to the right place.

Why Use FB Live Videos

Making videos to build your brand plus generate leads and sales on a consistent basis is a mandatory process you got to do if you want major results in your business.


  • Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Regular Videos
  • Facebook Videos Posts Have Increased By 94% Annually In U.S. 
  • Total Potential Facebook Video Viewing Audience: 1.71 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • 3. 8 Billion Daily Views For Facebook Video
  • Facebook Paying $50+ Million To Influencers, Publishers, Celebrities For Video & Live Use 
  • 100 Million Hours Of Facebook Videos Are Watched Every Day

Videos is one of the most highly shared pieces of content and people just love to watch live streams.

As a digital marketer, you want to stay one step ahead of your competition and to be on the forefront of new merging technologies to make your business work. Straight Outta FB Live is a powerful tool you got to have in your marketing toolbox.

Straight Outta FB Live

straight outta FB live

Fun time with Steven and Lanacia Rachel

Straight Outta FB Live is a course created by my friend Steven Rachel. I had the privilege to meet the power couple Steven & Lanacia Rachel at an event in Austin, TX. They believe FB Live is one of the hottest ways to build your brand nowadays (as do we!)

Steven Rachel is a video marketing expert and has been marketing online professionally for 5 years using various video marketing methods with huge success.

Steven has learned how to create engaging content using Facebook Live and other resources that attract leads and sales to your business 24/7 nonstop.

Facebook Live is the perfect resource to use to JUMPSTART your results and his training will show you how to take full advantage of this POWERFUL tool.

Every now and then a new marketing strategy comes along that covers all the bases and with Facebook live video you get to connect directly to your audience and engage with them in a fresh, powerful way (to build that good old know, like and trust)… for them to be back for more which can lead to sales down the road. You can engage with your audience like never before and you can communicate with them directly – even respond to comments.

If you want more prospects on your FB Lives – you’ve gotta WOW your audience.

Word travels fast when you’ve got the coolest FB Lives around!


* Start pulling in your perfect audience

* Engage that audience

* And sell to that audience

Discover how to get MASSIVE RESULTS for your business using these FB Live video methods.

How can I get started with Facebook Live

You can get started right here to set up your smart phone, desktop and laptop for Facebook Live and then ways in which you can increase the views, the leads and the sales using the amazing feature from Facebook. Click here to get started.

You’ll learn not only the history of live video and its significance but also how to set up your own live content, how to build and grow your audience and how to ensure you achieve maximum engagement.

Who Is This Training For

1. Entrepreneurs who want Maximum Exposure for their business and Brand to generate Leads & Sales consistently on Facebook.

2. Entrepreneurs who want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE information, strategies and tactics working using Facebook LIVE.

3. Entrepreneurs that know that having access to the right methods plus a Coach (Mentor) in your corner makes a big difference in your results.

4. Entrepreneurs who know that creating engaging videos for your business is MANDATORY to win BIG in today’s competitive market.

The Straight Outta FB Live Training Course Offers


  • Module #1: How To Broadcast Live On Your Smart Phone
  • Module #2: How To Broadcast Live From Your Desktop
  • Module #3: Instructions To Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • Module #4: Complete OBS Overview: Video Sources, Audio, Studio Mode and Settings
  • Module #5: How To Broadcast Live From Your Desktop With OBS
  • Module #6: How To Broadcast Pre-Recorded Video To Your Live Broadcast
  • Module #7: How To Add Text, Images, and Logos To Your Live Broadcast
  • Module #8: How To Add Cool Intro Videos To Your Live Broadcast
  • Module #9: Spice Up Your Live Broadcast With A Reactions Filter
  • Module #10: Switching Scenes In Your Live Broadcast
  • Module #11: Scheduling A Live Broadcast On Your Fanpage
Straight Outta FB Live Final Thoughts

This is hot marketing and the closest you can come to visiting your audience in person and the impact this can have is gigantic regarding building your business.

Straight Outta FB Live is a Facebook Live training that shows how to go Live from your smart phone, desktop or laptop.

This course is your field guide to the new frontier and contains everything you could possible need to know to succeed in your business. Click here to get started now.

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