get more leads on twitter

Are you struggling to build your audience and get more leads on Twitter? Well, you’re not alone. So, many are frustrated trying to get followers and build their Twitter accounts and it’s not that easy if you don’t have a formula to follow.

People who join me on Twitter are asking “how do you get so many followers?” I’m happy to let you know you’re at the right place for some amazing tips and information on how you can start getting followers and get more leads on Twitter too.

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How To Get More Leads On Twitter

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get more leads on Twitter

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I’m so excited because after following this formula I have reached over 60K on my Twitter account. But what’s more exciting is that I’m generating 31+ leads every day for my business from my Twitter followers and couldn’t be more happy.

I am using two very simple and very cheap marketing tools – Statusbrew and Social Jukebox to boost my productivity and get Twitter engagement.
It takes less than 30 minutes per day to follow and unfollow on Twitter with the result of thousands of new eyeballs on your content and offers every month.

Get More Leads On Twitter – Statusbrew

Statusbrew (formerly known as Unfollowers), is a powerful application to track and manage your twitter community. It also provides app for both Android and iOS so you can easily use your smartphone to mange your twitter followers.

Statusbrew features:

  • You can do bulk publish.
  • Shows Mutual followers.
  • Displays inactive tweeters with time period.
  • You can see who is not following you back.
  • It displays with just one click who is following you.
  • Also gives information of active followers in your list.
  • One special feature is you can check any pending requests too.How to use it?
  • Sign up with either twitter or instagram account which you want to manage.
  • It asks for email address to get more features.  You need to confirm your email. Without this step, you can’t use this tool.
  • Once you confirmed your email, it takes to you home page.
  • Click on Audience tab to look into your unfollowers.
  • In that dashboard, you can see all options like fake followers and unfollowers, lists everything.
  • Up to 100 accounts you can unfollow, up to 50 accounts you can follow and to block anyone or to mention trackers, the limit is only 5 in free plan. If you want to increase the limit you can upgrade.

Get More Leads On Twitter – Social Jukebox

Social Jukebox, is a scheduling tool that allows you to load a jukebox with content, and schedule when you want your tweets to go out. It’s a tool to help people automate the posts and information they send to their social media accounts – It’s completely automatic.

Social Jukebox Features

  • Jukeboxes is a collection of tweets. You can either set up your own jukeboxes or use the jukeboxes of other.
  • Targeted posts is a feature that allow you to schedule certain posts for a campaign.
  • Auto schedule is a time saver. You set the number of times you want to post and the system automatically does the rest.
  • Library is in my mind the most important feature and unique selling point of Social Jukebox.
  • Analytics function that provides details about the accounts that interacted with you as well as the number of links that have been clicked.
  • Browser extension is great because downloading the extension allow you to scour for content on the Internet and save some articles/news into your Jukebox as future tweets.
  • Upload / download a series of tweets which has the advantage that you can prepare them in an Excel sheet and save a lot of time and work (for instance, if you like me use the same hashtags for all of your posts).
  • “Thank you” tweets a function that is very popular.

When I started using Statusbrew and the Social Jukebox I had only 8K followers. After two years using these two applications I have over 60K followers and generating 31+ leads every day 24/7 on Autopilot. This has been a lifesaver for me when building my business.

Below you can see my Twitter header and and all the followers and likes that I have got on my Twitter account after using these 2 powerful applications.

get more leads on Twitter

Get More Leads On Twitter – Final Thoughts

I have been using Statusbrew and Social Jukebox for some time and it has completely changed my Twitter marketing strategy. It has simplified my life and I just absolutely love it. Overall these two marketing tools working together helps me create incredible amount of leverage in Twitter and allows me to build my account with highly engaged and targeted followers.

Was this post helpful? What was the most important takeaway you learned from this Twitter post? I would love to hear from you because your opinion matters.

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