Justice Eagan

Looking for help to build your business? Look no more for today Justice Eagan is going to show you how to use a 3 step plan to create instant business profits.

When this is done like Justice is teaching, you’ll not only generate leads, but you’ll also make money off the 90% who say “NO” to your business opportunity!

You want to make sure to share this with your team as this will help them to build their business correctly from the start.

Who is Justice Eagan

Justin Eagan was working as a waiter when he was introduced to network marketing. He started with marketing himself online and fell in love with the network marketing industry as a whole and has never looked back.

He has positioned himself as a top leader in online marketing and the home business industry. Today he manages skills like copywriting, Facebook Advertising and more to build a multiple 6 Figure Business, and resently generated over 250K in sales in less than 14 days.

Justice Eagan was interviewed by My Lead System Pro co-founder Brian Fanale and in the video below he shares how he really thinks that attraction marketing is to position yourself in a marketplace in a way to create trust and credibility.

He will also tell you what he thinks is the best way to get started in your business to build it fast, creating income and be able to soon go full time. 

Justice Eagan

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Justice Eagan’s 3 Step Plan 

Build Your Audience – Engage Your Audience – Sell To Your Audience
If we really focus on those three actions, it’ll break at some point.

Build Your Audience
You absolutely want to start building your audience when starting your business. When on Facebook, connect with people in your niche every day. There are many ways you can do this and Justice is an expert when it comes to connecting with people online. You also get a lot of friend requests on Facebook. Don’t just go and click the confirm button because they ask you to become their friend.

You want to right click their name and look into their profile to see if they are a good fit for you. Maybe they are someone doing network marketing or promoting products. You will see a lot of people putting their products on their profile and right there you know they have a business but just don’t know attraction marketing. That’s were you want to come in and teach them. Often people on Facebook are looking for someone that can help them with the business they are already doing.

There are so many ways to build your audience. If you have a Facebook fanpage you can start inviting people to come and join you. I could go on a whole day with ways to connect with people on Facebook so I’ll leave it with this and go on to the next important step.

Engage Your Audience
It’s important to connect with your audience. What I do every day on Facebook is to go into others profiles and comment on their stuff. People love to get comments and they will start coming over to your page to see what you have going on.

You can also message them and say something like: Hey, how are you doing? and tell them what you like about their videos or posts. Often you will get a thank you message in return and a question about what you are doing?

I have my rule to always comment on 5-6 posts before I post anything myself. My friends love that and soon I get a notification that they are commenting back to me. Not only does my friends like my comments, but Facebook likes it too and they will reward you for it.

Sell To Your Audience
You might have heard that “people love to buy, but don’t like to be sold.” When you learn to use attraction marketing you don’t need to hunt people down anymore, but you become the hunted. When engaging with people they get to know, like/love, and trust you and soon might start buying from you.

Final Thoughts on Justice Eagan

Justice is an amazing leader building relationships and helping others. For him it’s all about positioning yourself in a way where you’re serving and creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the marketplace.

Was this post helpful? What was the most important takeaway you learned from Brian’s interview with Justice? Would love to hear your opinion, because it matters.

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Justice Eagan

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