Jen Johnson

Have you been thinking of using Facebook to attract prospects for your business? That’s what Jen Johnson does and today she will be teaching you her nuggets on how she builds her business with ease from social media.

When this is done like Jen is teaching, you’ll not only generate leads, but you’ll also make money off the 90% who say “NO” to your business opportunity!

You want to make sure to share this with your team as this will help them to build their business correctly from the start.

Who is Jen Johnson?

Jen Johnson was introduces to the network marketing industry when she was working full time as a bank teller and pursuing her passion as a vocalist. She always had the mindset that she was set out to do more than just work the typical 9-5 cubical job.

But her journey in Network Marketing wasn’t easy as she struggled for 12 years to make any money. That’s when she started learning the principles of Attraction Marketing and had a breakthrough in her business growing a team of 1500 in just 7 months primarily using Facebook.

She started to align herself with many incredible leaders in the industry and became addicted to gaining the knowledge of how to truly create a dream income inside of her business leveraging social media. She fell in love with what she was learning, and started investing in every course possible and discovered a passion for teaching others what she was learning.

Jen Johnson was interviewed by My Lead System Pro co-founder Norbert Orlewicz. He was asking how she gets people to reach out to her on Facebook every day. In the video she’s doing a live demonstration of how she does this on Facebook.  Click Here to Get VIP ALL Access to the Video

Jen Johnson

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How to Attract Prospects on Facebook

Jen Johnson talks about what to post on Facebook to build your audience fast and attract prospects to you. She also let’s you in on how many times a day to post for your message to be seen.

She gives away how important it is to learn how to brand yourself so people will remember you. You will find many definitions on how to make yourself exciting and attractive for your prospects. A lot of people will relate to you, want to know you, and will be back for more.

When it comes to your brand, think about what you love to talk about, and make it very well known. Many people put their products on their profile and that’s a No No because they are not branding themselves but someone else’s stuff.

People don’t care about products, but often looking for someone that can help them with the business they are already doing.

Friend request
You want to become so attractive that you’re literally attracting people to friend request you. Look through your friend requests to find out if they are in your niche before you friend them. In the training you will find out how to do this.

News Feed
Another thing that’s very helpful to attract prospect is to go through your news feed and engage with people. Get to know them and comment on their post. Often when you comment on other people’s stuff they will look up your profile and see what’s going on in your life.

Know your leaders
Something else that is very important is to know who the leaders are in your market. Who holds the target audience that you would love to have, is basically the question you need to ask yourself, and go connect with those leaders. You want to start networking with their network to get to know more people and attract them as prospects to you.

Final Thoughts on Jen Johnson’s Training

Jen Johnson has some awesome training and when watching her video you will start to see the glimmers and the light bulbs go of and you’ll see a potential of what you can accomplish in your business using Facebook to attract the perfect prospect.

Was this post helpful? What was the most important takeaway you learned from Norbert’s interview with Jen Johnson? I would love to hear from you because your opinion matters.

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Prospecting on Facebook

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