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Are you thinking of building your business on Facebook? Then you came to the right place to find business builder Antonio Thompson. 
He will be training on how to get quality leads for your business using Facebook Messenger.

When this is done like Antonio is teaching, you’ll not only generate leads, but you’ll also make money off the 90% who say “NO” to your business opportunity!

You want to make sure to share this with your team as this will help them to build their business correctly from the start.

Who is Antonio Thompson?

Antonio Thompson is born in Brooklyn, New York, and started his profession career with a passion for music performance, and arts education. He earned a Bachelors of Arts in Music Performance from New York University, and a Masters of Arts in Music Performance and Arts Administration also from New York University.

Antonio started as a classical and jazz trumpeter and educator, playing alongside some of New York City’s most sought after musicians, including Wynton Marsalis, James Moody, Thomas Hoyt and Laurie Frink, to name a few.

Antonio soon realized that being a full-time musician wouldn’t provide a steady paycheck for a living. In 2013 he was introduced to the network marketing profession and his excitement level for the industry was through the roof. 

After two years in the profession, Antonio fired his boss and today helps entrepreneurs brand themselves, get more leads and sales in their business and market effectively on social media. He is on a mission to inspire people all over the world to help them to take control of their life, follow their dreams, and live the life they were destined to live.

Antonio Thompson was interviewed by My Lead System Pro co-founder Norbert Orlewicz and was asked: “In those beginning stages, when you first got online, and you started to learn the principles of attraction marketing, what were you doing to generate leads, reps, and customers at that point?” In the video below Antonio will talk about how he applied these techniques.

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How to Use Facebook Messenger

What we’ve seen over the past few months and even over a couple of years with Messenger is that Facebook has done a lot of effort and attention to Messenger. When they released this opportunity for business to also have Messenger and communicate with their customers and their audience, the floodgates just opened up for business owners.

Messenger marketing is basically a way for you to engage and communicate with your audience inside of Messenger. Facebook wants business owners to communicate with their audience in Messenger. It’s a way to free up some advertising space and you have that direct communication with your customers.

Messenger marketing is a huge addition to your content strategy. The goal is to get your prospect to your bot and connect with them. You want to deliver valuable content and you can make offers to them.

So, when people opt in to any offer you have out there on social media or somewhere it will be delivered in Messenger. You can now connect with them and say like “Hey can I send you the pdf to your Messenger and also teach you about Facebook ads.” When they click on the button to get the pdf they are added to a sequence, like an email autoresponder sequence that delivers three days and more worth of content on Facebook ads.

Also if they come in contact with your bot, either through an offer that you’re sharing or they found it in Messenger by searching, there’s like a menu bar of your website, and they can choose to visit your blog or they can choose to learn how to generate more leads online, which takes them to the right place.

The key and what’s so important with Messenger marketing is that you have to keep it engaging and interesting so people like what they see and that way they will be back for more. Give value so they get to know you, like you and trust you.

Final Thoughts on Antonio Thompson’s Training

Antonio Thompson has some awesome training and when watching his video you will start to see the glimmers and the light bulbs go of and you’ll see a potential of what you can accomplish in your business using Facebook Messenger.

Was this post helpful? What was the most important takeaway you learned from Norbert’s interview with Antonio Thompson? I would love to hear from you because your opinion matters.

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