If you’d like to build a personal brand online to get more leads, more reps and become a Top Earner in you’re  business… then you’ve come to the right place…


My name is Loetta Paulsen and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. My mission, and my purpose is to empower those who want to change their life, and the world for the better.

I’m a full -time entrepreneur and very passionate about showing people how to market and brand themselves, generate more leads and more profits using social media.

Born in the USA “America the Beautiful” and raised in Norway by the gorgeous fjords and steep mountains I have the best of both worlds.

my-birdI spend most of my free time pursuing my passion for birds and this little one has followed me on most of my journeys.

I’m also a paint artist, admirer of healing crystals, all time globetrotter and known to be the most determined person you can meet.

As a network marketer I have been capable to have more time to volunteer and have enjoyment working with youth helping them develop and find a productive and happy life plus got my retirement back on track.


It’s Not Always Been Like This

Back when the recession hit I lost 2/3 of my savings. It was a very painful and scary time in my life. I was trying to survive with the savings I had left for to feed my family and this was devastating to my income! At that time I made the decision I was not going to put my future in anybody else’s hands anymore and had to find a way to make money on my own.

I am so blessed and grateful for my life and to have found the online industry. Now I have the assurance that no matter what the economy does, I’ll be secure because I know how to market and brand myself.

There has never been a better time or opportunity to build wealth online working from home on your computer. The Internet has become a powerful money making machine.


Family Is Everything

correct-picI’m married to my best friend, the love of my life Sven of 25 year. He was working on fishing trawlers in Alaska for 20 years. I’m proud of have made it possible for him to retire and happy to have him home.

Today we work our online business together. Our business has given us the freedom to spend more time with family and friends. Now we get to travel where we want, when we want and for as long as we want.


Dreams Do Come True

If you really want to succeed in life, you must be clear about what you want and be committed to your vision.

I know what its like to struggle pursuing your dreams in network marketing and I also know what its like to reap the rewards after staying consistent with your business and never quit.

You may be discouraged in attempts to reach YOUR DREAM because you are not getting the right kind of training for to be successful. My website is here to help you!

It is my desire to provide you with my success secrets, some quality information on how to succeed in network marketing. You will also find some incredible value, great tools and the best resources to grow your business online.

I know it can be confusing and overwhelming when starting your business, but remember that all of the top leaders have been through it and you are on the right path.

Learn to earn a serious full time income and start your success story today!


One of my favorite quotes: “Your Success is created by how much value you bring to the table and how many people you bring to the top.”

Loetta Paulsen





Survival Guide

Learn the 5 things you need to do on Social Media to get 8-10 Leads/Day.



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